We Are Zados

We are the explorers, we are the curious, we are Zados!

The Beginning

We started in 2017 from our small home kitchen, our passion at the time was to make food with real ingredients, without using artificial flavors or refined sugar. Food that provides us with clean energy on our adventures.
That's what inspired us to start 'wiaams.com', nutritious food made by Wiaam for all the explorers and adventurers out there. Wiaam found a special joy in baking and discovering what can be made from mixing different ingredients, and Hamad fueled that passion with his eager soul for adventure and enthusiasm for trying new things and discovering new places.

Wiaams to Zados

What does becoming Zados really mean? We didn't do it to look more attractive, we did it because we truly wanted this brand with its stories and values to reach the whole world. Because we believe in the power of exploration and adventure in creating a world of authentic people and possibilities, so we became Zados. An integrated society that includes you and all those who are just like you with their ever-burning curiosity, their dare to explore the unknown, and their constant pursuit of contentment and happiness. We were Wiaam and Hamad, and we became Zados family. A family that grows bigger each day with those who believe in the power of food and stories in creating a more fulfilling world.

What does Zados offer?

Real Food

In an ideal world, our meals become so real and clean that having them would only give us satisfaction. We work every day at Zados to help shape this ideal world by making real food with products made from real, natural ingredients, free from artificial additives and refined sugar.

Zados Stories

The story is one of the pillars that make up Zados world, and with it, this world becomes more tangible to those who wish to explore it. It is what makes us see the most important things in this world, and which helps us celebrate experiences no matter how imperfect they may be. Zados stories are what makes us say with confidence: We are the explorers, we are the curious, we are the Zados.